Understanding Notification Hierarchy Part 2

3-31-17-Understanding-Notification-Hierarchy-Part-2.pdf (11 downloads )
Part two of Notification Hierarchy explains the process of adding Message Receivers and Users.  We will describe how to add those Message Receivers into Groups.  We will also go over how to create Views, and how to add RCM/CC-900 users into those views.  It will also touch on escalation differences between Groups and Users.
Add Message Receivers
1)      Message Receivers->select type (Pager/Email/Phone)->select Add
2)      Enter Message Receiver detail (See examples below)
Adding Group:
1)      Notifications-> Add New Group->
2)      Enter Group Name and Description
3)      Add Message Receivers into Notification Chain where you’d like
         them.  Select Add new link here for Escalation.  Make sure your
         timing is set properly.  In the example below after 2 minutes it will
         send an Email to Text to John Doe.

4)       Change Account Groups accordingly. (If you do this process first,

          you can select the group when you create an account).
Creating Views
1)      System Settings-> Views->Add new Views
2)      Enter View Name and Description
3)      Select Groups you want to Add

4)      Select Save Changes

Adding User to a view
1)      Select Users->Add New Users
2)      Select device Type (Rcare Mobile or CC-900)
3)      Edit Rcare Mobile Notification delay if you’d like to create an
         escalation for that user.

4)      Select Drop down box from available views.  These users will now

         receive all alerts for all the groups that were selected for that view.
5)      Scroll down and select “Add User”
Select View on Individual Computer:
1)       Select System Settings->Views

2)       Choose View-> Select “Set this computer to selected views”.

Part one and Part two should combine to give you an understanding of how Groups and Views are created, how they are different, and how they are connected.  Remember, Notification chain controls the incident.  Account get assigned Groups that get assigned Message Receivers.  Users get View, which also get Groups assigned to them.  Notifications are arguably the most important aspect of a system and they can become complex if you’d like them to be.   Contact Technical Support if you have any questions about this bulletin.