Training & Documentation

6-24-16-Training-Documentation.pdf (4 downloads )
This week’s tech bulletin will be a simple reminder of the training and documentation tools available as a primary source of technical support. These technical documents are viewable and/or downloadable from the distributors’ log in. We will be also discussing upcoming documentation changes.
The better trained the installers become; the more seamless things go for end users. In addition to online training courses that are now required to receive free technical support, distributors have access to our tech manuals that provide an depth description of Response Care equipment and programming. For those who are trained and authorized to call in for tech support these documents should be your first source for RFI’s and troubleshooting questions. If the answer still cannot be derived from the training or the documentation, then installers and technicians should call Response Care for support.
1: E-Learning
This tab is now present in all new builds so that end users will be able to register themselves onto our E-Learning portal. (If the link is not visible, any potential eLearning candidate can go directly to and sign up. Once they register, we will enroll them in the appropriate course – the enrollment process usually takes one (1) business day because we need to verify they are with an RCare facility. There are two courses for end users, and several for Installers and Technicians. We have just added updated Gen4 courses that contain new information on our new Gen4 wireless network equipment.
2: Distributor Login
b) Select Distributors tag, and then select Log. Only authorized Distributors have the password, if you do not have this information please contact Response Care.
c) You may review older tech bulletins or view our documentation from this page. Select Technical Tab and scroll down to desired documentation.
The Online training and documentation are tools that are readily available for installers and technicians to enhance their understanding of the Response Care Nurse Call/PERS System. Better training and more knowledgeable installers makes everyone happier. The new Gen4 documentation has been posted to the distributors log in page; under the “Technical” tab and is labeled “RCube Wireless Network Manual”. We have also recently added a new “RCube Basics Manual” that covers some recent Hardware and Software changes. This would be a great source of info for experienced and new installers alike. Our goal by the end of next week is to have a completed RCare Mobile Document as well that can help augment the RCare Mobile online training course.