Service Reports

Service Reports are not being configured which are mandatory for proper monitoring of the system’s functionality. An improperly monitored system is a major issue.


Response Care does not monitor individual systems. The responsibility of monitoring the system rests on the facility, but it is the distributor’s responsibility to ensure the facility has been given the tools to do so. If you so choose, you can also monitor the system, but it must be done. We usually do not find out until a major problem has occurred. A typical scenario is an issue whereby a resident or family member complained about hitting an emergency call device. Another scenario is when a staff member is having problems with the system restoring an incident from a device that has been restored. Then after looking at the wireless network settings we identify that there is a locator(s) that has been down for several months. Then we observe that there is nobody being notified of any low battery or missing supervision alerts since the time of installation.



It is the responsibility of the distributor, and thus the installer, to communicate reporting capabilities as well as coordinating the reporting expectations with the facility. Those who will carry the responsibility of monitoring the system need to be added in as a message receiver. Message receivers for a Service Report can be added either as an email or an email to text The functionality of these message receivers also needs to be verified prior to a system going live. It is not enough simply to configure and assume it is working.
Step 1: Add Message Receiver
Step 2: Add New Message Receiver
Step 3: Create Service Report


Step 4: Create Report