To Schedule, Or Not To Schedule…

Thanks to the great job of our Distributors, such as you & your team, the market share of RCare and our products has grown. As our Distributors and our products have grown, so has the nature of calls to our tech support team.  Some calls are easier than others; the more complex ones we require more formal scheduling moving forward to provide our distributors, their support staff, and our software team with adequate time to address the issue appropriately and more efficiently.  This week’s tech bulletin will contain a list of subjects that fit the latter category.
Scheduling support for these more complex issues will make it easier for us to provide quality support in a timely manner.
Anything related to telephony with the facility’s phone system or third party equipment; both installation and post-installation.  For Installation, it is imperative that you have your dial plan ready, 3rd party equipment understanding, and someone from the 3rd party’s support team on the calls.  Post Installation basic troubleshooting will be done at all times, but if it appears to be a more complex issue further troubleshooting will need to be scheduled, and someone from the 3rd party’s support team may need to be available.
RCare Mobile Software Updates
We will address any issues as they arise during installation; it would be beneficial to have advanced noticed when RCare Mobile features are being tested for installation.  Phones will arrive at the installation site preloaded, by scheduling post installation upgrades we’ll have time to discover the cause before we attempt to force a solution without proper analysis.
Digi Related Updates
Adding a Serial to Ethernet Converter to a project for an External Master Receiver or Accutech Integration requires proper planning.  Please have a Static IP address reserved and programmed prior to scheduling tech support.  We can’t implement software changes of this nature unless the digi is programmed and actively pingable from the server.
Installing A Product For
The First Time
We’ve made lots of changes and improvements to both our software and hardware this year and many installers, even seasoned installers, will be finding themselves in a situation in which they are working with something they’ve never seen before. (i.e ALP fingerprinting, G4, GSM dialers, and CC-900 to name a few).

To schedule time with our technicians on any of the above-mentioned issues: call the office and ask to speak with Tech Support. Expect to schedule time with the technician(s) on the next business day (with the exception of Fridays or mid-week holidays; we would prefer not to make any major changes before any significant time away from the facility or office). Of course not all tech support issues happen on queue and we will always strive to provide the best support possible.

This week’s tech bulletin is more of a guideline for ways you can help us help you.  We understand installers and support staff don’t know when an issue is “complex” and often times, time is of the essence.  Therefore, waiting 24 hours is not always feasible.  This is more geared towards known issues or upcoming installation scenarios that can be scheduled to help streamline support.
….that, tis’ the question. 😉