Remote Support Update

We mentioned last month that we would be updating our remote support server and anyone that had IP restrictions on their firewall for outgoing port 1194 will be effected.  Facilities that have implemented these restrictions and are also using our remote support server to send emails for notifications or alerts will lose this capability if they do not make the necessary changes this weekend.


We are moving to a new Remote Support server that has improved processing for our 500+ cubes worldwide. There are only two things you need for Remote Support: Valid DNS and an open outgoing port 1194.  We have implemented some software changes that will allow the DNS to always be valid and cubes built as of this month will all have this feature automatically.
From time to time, we will get a facility that wants to restrict traffic on this port by directing it back solely to our remote support server.   The old remote support server that will be retired this weekend is at the following IP address:  The new Remote support server will be at This can ONLY be adjusted by whoever manages the facility’s firewall, be it local IT, off-site, or their internet service provider.  Response Care can do nothing to change or support firewall settings.

How do I know if my facility is using email or email to text?  If you have any message receivers that have an “E-mail” as opposed to “Phone” or “Pager” in the address line, then you are using email services to notify someone of incidents or service reports.

How do I know if my facility is using Response Care’s remote support server for “E-mail” notifications?  Select the Email Configuration page under the System Settings tab.
Once in the E-Mail Configuration page, look at the “Send mail through server” option.  If it says, you are using our remote support server to send emails.
How do I know if my facility has restricted their firewall?  You don’t.  There’s no way to know, unless you remember, or contact your facility’s IT departments.  This should happen immediately.  The good news is only a small percentage of facilities have set this up.  So just because you are using emails, and are using Response Care’s Remote Support doesn’t mean you have to worry.  This change will happen in the background without any bumps during the transition this weekend.  By the same token, just because a facility uses their own server for email traffic doesn’t mean they won’t lose remote support capability.
Contact the IT department or an individual who can contact the facility’s firewall support provider just to make sure.  It doesn’t hurt to make a few phone calls to be safe.  What does hurt is trying to get Time Warner or Comcast out there immediately when the facility stops receiving alarms or service alerts.