Remote Support Public IP Address Change

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We will be switching our public IP address for our remote support server within the next few weeks. We are upgrading our remote support system to a new hardware and operating system to assure the reliability of the system. We are also moving to a different Internet provider for increased bandwidth.



Currently our Public IP address resides on and only this IP address. It will be moving to netblock. The range of IP addresses will become through with a netmask of Normally, opening Outgoing Port 1194 and entering in a valid Gateway and DNS into the cube’s network configuration will be enough to get the facility’s nurse call system on remote support. However, some facility’s IT staff requires that this outgoing port be limited to the specific IP address of our Remote Support Server in order to prevent unwanted guests. Given the nature of the variety of different hardware and firewall configurations, we cannot provide a universal set of instructions for how to ensure this transition goes smoothly. This change is the responsibility of whomever manages the firewall configuration for these facility’s.



It is paramount that you contact your facility IT department or whoever manages the facility’s firewall to verify whether or not they have configured their firewall to point to our public IP address. If they have, they should add the new network information immediately. Sites that are restricting outgoing port 1194 need to add in the new range and keep the old address until the transition has been completed to assure a minimal service interruption.