RCM Updates

Tech Bulletins are back. This week’s bulletin will cover the steps for how to apply an RCM software update in the field. This is an easy step once you’ve done it a few times, but a refresher is always helpful. This will be especially useful as a tool for walking end users through this process as well.
Step 1: RCare Mobile Update Initiation
a) All RCM software updates should be scheduled in advance with RCare’s Tech Support team
b) Once Response Care has pushed the update, individual phones will need to complete these steps.
c) Log the user out, which will prompt an automatic update. When the screen asks you to Install Update select “OK”.
Step 2:
a) Phone security settings are in place to prevent unsafe downloads.
b) When this error prompt comes up select the Settings option.
Step 3: Adjusting Security Settings
a) Select The unknown sources option
b) When security asks you if you are sure, say ok.
c) Bar will change from Grey to Green indicating the security settings to allow “Unknown” sources has been enabled.
d) Hit home button and application will once again automatically prompt you to update the phone. Select “OK”.
Step 4: Applying the update
a) After pressing ok, RCare Mobile will ask you permission to install. Select “Install”.
b) Wait for RCare Mobile to Install
c) Decline Google Settings
d) Open Application
As you can see there aren’t too many difficult steps involved in pushing an update. It is important to remember that each phone requires this process to be completed individually. This entire process can take as little as one to two minutes per phone.