RCM Boot-Up

4-7-17-RCM-Boot-up.pdf (5 downloads )
We have a simple tech bulletin this week that seems to have become a much more common occurrence.  These are boot up issues for an RCare Mobile Phone or CC-900.  That is “Factory Mode” on the RCM Phones, and the “Black Screen” on the CC-900’s.
RCM Factory Mode Boot-Up
There is a natural tendency to hold the phone when turning it on in a way that has your finger or hand on the volume button.  When there is too much pressure on the volume down key while powering up you will get the “Factory Mode” Screen seen below.  The only way to get rid of this screen is to take the back plate off, and reseed the battery.  You’ll need to be very gentle when taking the back plate off because if you aren’t, you could damage the volume button.
CC900 Black Screen Boot-Up
This has been showing up periodically where you boot up the console, hear three quick beeps, and the monitor never turns on.  To correct this, follow these steps…
1)      Unplug both the power supply and Ethernet
2)      Plug back in only the power supply
3)      Turn CC900 unit on
4)      Once loaded, then apply Ethernet
We are working on permanent adjustments to how these devices boot up to prevent these occurrences.  These aren’t to be considered faulty devices that require an RMA unless following these steps does not wield the result of them booting up correctly.