RCare Mobile Manual

7-1-16-RCare-Mobile-Manual.pdf (5 downloads )
This week’s tech bulletin will be a simple reminder of the training and documentation tools available as a primary source of technical support. These technical documents are viewable and/or downloadable from the distributors’ log in. We will be also discussing upcoming documentation changes.
Changes – All these changes can be accessed via the web interface. Specifics of where these settings rest can be found in the new manual.
1) Ability to lock down minimum sound volume preventing caregivers from turning them down
2) We now have the ability to provide different tones depending on the type of alarm function it is. i.e “Normal” vs. Emergency”
3) We can now control views either by the user (from the web interface), or have the phone’s view override this setting
4) New Devices Tab to alert when a wireless network devices has any issues
5) Wi-Fi High Optimization was discussed in a Tech Bulletin in May. This bulletin can be found on the webpage as well
6) Messaging, Incident, and Device Tab turn red as an additional way to alert caregivers to unresolved issues
We have improved the functionally of RCare Mobile as well as added many new features that have been requested. These changes give caregivers flexibility in how they’d like to use this application. With the new manual now available to augment online training you can be better prepared to answer RCare Mobile questions. There are several suggestions that we’ve taken previously that are in the works and we will continue to make RCare Mobile more user friendly, but also flexible so that it can be customized based on customers needs.