RCare Mobile – Avoid Android Upgrades

RCare-Mobile.pdf (8 downloads )
Several months ago we changed the way our application locks down the phones to prevent end users from using the Wi-Fi to access the internet. This change in our application was developed to allow for easier troubleshooting and reimaging of phones that have had some sort of lockup. Our latest phones, LG 5X, force notify Android updates in a way our previous phones did not. If you update the Android version on your phone(s), it’s likely they will stop working.
While we have always advised to never download an Android update, the most recent batch of LG 5X phones makes it easier for an accidental update by an end user. If you do not restore the application lockdown, end users will most likely unwittingly download the update. If you do this, the messaging and incident options on your home screen will cease working.
It is also important to remember to go into the admin settings of the phone to make sure the “Application Lockdown” has been checked, and the phone is power cycled to save this change. If you select it without rebooting, the phone is not locked down. If you have forgotten how to access the network settings, there is a previous tech bulletin available on the distributors’ page of our website.
Anything after Android version 6.0 could cause problems. So how do you check your phone versions, and what do you do if you’ve update Android version 7.0?
  1. You’ll need to turn off the Application lockdown
  2. Reboot the phone
  3. Swipe down from upper right hand corner and select Settings (Each phone has a slightly different Settings button)
  4. Select “About Phone”, usually at the bottom.
  5. If you have a newer version that is causing this problem with your LG 5x phone, leave the application lockdown turned off to enable the phone to work properly, this is a temporary configuration while we work on rolling back these updates.
Phones that are getting this update request, but have yet to update can be shut off.
  1. Press and Hold System Update until you see Google Play Services. Then press the info button
  2. Select Block all, this will prevent the message form showing up again.
We are working on a fix to revert phones that have already been upgraded, as well as a long term solution to prevent end users from inadvertently doing this. It is important that if you’ve received one of these phones in the past two months you need to tell your facilities to relay this message to the appropriate staff. “Don’t download any updates on your own” should suffice. It is not a good idea to give end users the password to the admin settings.