RCare Check-In’s

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RCare Check-Ins
The focus of this week’s bulletin will be understanding how to set up RCare check-in devices to get a “clean” Check-in Report.  Without following the steps exactly, it is common to obtain false information in these reports that can become confusing.
There are three features that are required to set up to isolate an RCare Check-in device in order get a proper Check-In Report.  First, set up the device correctly.  Second, Isolate RCare Check-In accounts/groups.  Last, Generating Report.
1)     Set Device Function

Individual devices need to have a device function of RCare Check-in.  If it is not set correctly, any signals coming from this device will not be considered a “Check-In”.  It is important to note that there is a distinction between “Supervision” and “Check-In”.  A supervision signal alone does not constitute a “Check-In”. This can be seen in images below.  Despite the fact the system has received and processed a signal, it will not process any activations as an “RCare Check-In”.

2)     Device Isolation
Devices designated to be RCare Check-In devices need to be in their own separate accounts in their own separate groups.  The reason for this is because the RCare Check-In Report does not discriminate between accounts or devices that are set to RCare Check-in function or not.  It will simply pull every single account for the group you have selected.  Then it will review the last received “RCare Check-In” signal from those accounts.
3)     Creating Report
  • Select Reports Tab.
  • Then select RCare-Check-in Report.
  • Select Group to conduct Reporting on
  • Select desired file format to generate report

Any report can also be configured to be automatically report on a scheduled basis at the bottom of the Reports tab.

There has been recent confusion over these reports and why so many “Never” shows up.  This bulletin explains why that occurs and how to avoid it moving forward.  The keys to take away are the system will only do what you tell it to do.  You must be very specific with the configuration because the reporting tool for RCare Check-In’s does not do that querying for you.  Remember to set the correct device Function, isolate the device, and generating report.