RCare Alexa Skill

RCare has integrated an RCare skill right into Alexa for better care in senior housing communities. Now your residents can vocally request help without pressing a button. Your busy caregivers also get a hands-free way to reset the call without taking an eye off the resident.
With the RCare Nurse Call skill, residents can use Alexa- enabled devices to call for assistance using the simple command: “Alexa, tell my nurse I need help.” Just like a pull cord or a push button, the voice command sends a call out to caregivers. The difference is that the residents can use voice commands to get help even when their help buttons are out of reach.
Getting Started
First off, you need to install your Echo device. This will require that you install the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet. Follow the Amazon’s directions to install the device and get it connected to WiFi.
Amazon requires a device to be associated with an Amazon account. This can either be a unique account for each resident or a shared account for the facility. Since each individual device is paired separately, either
situation can be handled by the RCare Nurse Call skill. Note that if the resident wants to use the reminder, list, or shopping functionality of Alexa, they should use an individual account.
Alexa integration must also be enabled for your nurse call system. Contact your distributor or RCare support to do this.
Installing the RCare Nurse Call Skill
Once the Echo device is ready to go, you need to install the skill:
1. Open the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet.
2. From the app menu, select Skills & Games.
3. In the search field, enter RCare and press Search. The RCare Nurse Call should show up in the search results.
4. Press RCare Nurse Call to open the skill details page.
5. Press the ENABLE button.
The RCare Nurse Call skill is now enabled for the Amazon account logged into the Alexa app. All Echo devices associated to this Amazon account will have the skill on them. They still need to be paired to an account in the nurse call system in order for the skill be used, though, which is detailed in the next step.
Pairing a Device to an Account
Now that the Echo device is ready and the skill is installed, you need to pair it to an account in the nurse call system:
1. At the device you want to pair, say “Alexa, launch my nurse”.
2. The device should respond that the device is not yet paired. To pair, say “pair device”.
3. The device will respond with a six digit pairing code. Write this down or note it in the card in the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet.
4. Open and log in to the nurse call system web interface.
5. Click Accounts in the menu bar.
6. Find and click the account with which you want pair the Echo device.
7. Scroll down to the Alexa Echo Devices section of the account page and click Add Echo Device.
8. Enter the pairing code and a description for this Alexa device. You will usually want to add the location of the device in there, for example Room 123 – Kitchen.
9. Click Save
The device is now paired! You can check the pairing status of any Echo device at any time by saying “Alexa, ask my nurse for pair status”.
Using the Skill as a Resident
Residents can interact with the skill with a few simple phrases:
“Alexa, tell my nurse to check in” – This will check in the resident for the day. This can be used instead of requiring a resident to press a pendant or other action for checking in.
“Alexa, tell my nurse I need help” – This will trigger a nurse call similar to a pendant push or cord pull. The triggering device on the nurse call system will be Alexa Device.
Using the Skill as a Caregiver
Caregivers can also interact with the skill:
“Alexa, tell my nurse to reset call” – This will reset any calls triggered for the associated account. This works for calls triggered by not just Alexa but any device. Caregivers may still need to reset the pull cord or pendant devices themselves.
When combined with the built-in Alexa reminders, residents will never miss a check-in using the RCare Nurse Call skill. They can simply say “Alexa, tell my nurse to check in” instead of hunting down their check- in device.
Busy caregivers dealing with a crisis situation can now use voice commands to indicate the incident is being handled and stop caregiver devices from additional alerting. They can simply say “Alexa, tell my nurse to reset the call”. This allows the caregiver to focus on the resident instead of fumbling with pendants or pull cords.
Safety. Efficiency. Between your beloved residents, your compassionate staff, your RCare nurse call technology and the always available Alexa, life just got a little bit better.