NFC Tags

6-10-16-NFC-Tags.pdf (3 downloads )

NFC Tags allow facilities using RCare Mobile to monitor and analyze Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) to improve resident care. These activities are recorded and processed in the MCube and can then be implemented into an ADL Metrics file. Metrics file can be a valuable asset; providing caregivers with best-practices and making sure residents are receiving the best care possible. In this week’s tech bulletin we will be describing the details for setting up and troubleshooting NFC tag issues; we will not go into the specifics of ADL’s or the metrics report.
NFC tags require very little programming and labor to install and begin using. The programming is done here at Response Care and we’ve recently implemented a 100% quality control check on all NFC tags leaving our facility. We will also be downloading an NFC writing program on all RCare mobile phones in case there are issues with any of these tags not reading properly once in the installers hands.
Step 1: Program NFC in to Account
  1. Go in to Account you’d like to add NFC tag to
  2. Select “Add Swipe Tag” at bottom of Account
  3. Enter Tag ID
  4. Name Tag
  5. Leave Function as default

Step 2: Verify Tag

Hover (NOT SWIPE) phone over tag. Tag should display Account Name with a picture, if one has been added (left). It should not display the tag ID (right), this indicates it is not programmed into an account. If the tag does not register any ID at all (middle) it can be programmed with the new NFC writer app being added to the phones.
Step 3: Manual reprogram NFC tag
  1. Go in to Settings tab
  2. Select Application manager
  3. Select NFC Retro Console Cards Application
  4. Enter ID, Select “Click to write a new tag”
  5. Scan tag
  6. Repeat Verification
These two changes were made recently in response to NFC tags reporting as an incorrect ID, or no ID. Unfortunately, the NFC writer cannot be added to existing phones. However, any android device can be used to download this application. Additionally, you can program the ID the phone is reading into the desired account. End users will only see Account name information, not ID number anyways. Finally, when mounting these NFC tags it’s important to keep it away from metal including the stud as these can affect the magnetism and give false readings.