MRM-1 Rebooter

6-17-16-MRM-1-Rebooter.pdf (6 downloads )
If you are interested in avoiding 3 am Saturday morning calls about the system not working, this week’s bulletin could very helpful. All Master Receivers need an automatic rebooter to help assist the Master Receiver during times of low activity as well as rare, but potential, malfunctions that require a Master Receiver restart.
Master Receivers do not need a rebooter to function, but having one will allow distributors to avoid untimely wireless network issues associated with not having one. It will also assist technicians in troubleshooting any MR-500 concerns remotely as opposed to needing to be onsite for a simple power cycle. All internal Master Receivers get what is called an MRM-2 that is internally installed in the server and tested at the time it is built. All Externals should get what is called an MRM-1 rebooter. If you don’t have one, or don’t know what this device is; you should be concerned. It needs to be ordered as a separate line item when purchasing an external MR-500 kit that also includes a Digi SP One Serial to Ethernet converter.
1: Physical Configuration
2: Testing Rebooter
a) Go into Wireless Network Settings and select Master Receiver to test rebooter.
b) Select Reboot Button


c) Verify Reboot. Need to see two lines highlighted below. If you do not see the proper index, you’ve selected the wrong MR-500 (in this case 5; compare with the image in section A). If you do not see the properly System ID and Group ID and a confirmed “MR-500 system and group settings ok”, then it has not rebooted properly.
You may go through the steps above and hit the reboot without worrying about impacting the functionality of the system. Hitting reboot on an MR-500 will only force a 10 second reboot if a functioning Rebooter is installed on your Master Receiver. So you can check without any repercussions. These steps should be conducted at the time of installation as well as with any periodic system checks. Should you conduct this check, when you know a rebooter is in fact installed, you may have a defective MRM-1.