Forget Wi-Fi

This week’s tech bulletin will show you how to properly forget an SSID for RPhones or devices running RCare Mobile (RCM) phones. Forgetting SSID’s is helpful when the facility has multiple networks that an RCM phone could log into. Many facilities often have unprotected guest networks that the phone could accidentally hop to and cause the RCM Phone to temporarily lose access to the cube, and thus lose access to appropriate incident notifications.
Step 1: RCM Settings
1)     Log onto RCM Admin Settings
2)     Make sure Application Lock down is turned off
3)     Enable Sticky Wi-Fi is on (Left). (Older versions of RCM require Last Good SSID to be manually entered (Right).
4)     Ensure Server (Cube) Address has been entered correctly. If the phone has recently connected to the Cube, this value is likely correct.
Step 2: Log onto Android Settings
1)     Use finger to swipe down from upper right-hand corner of phone. (Left)
2)     Select Android Settings option in upper right hand corner. (Blue icon, Left)
3)     Select connected wifi drop down or Gear in Upper right hand corner. NOTE: Each will bring you to a screen that looks slightly different, but functionally for the sake of logging into and                        forgetting networks, they are the same. (Right)
Step 3: Connect and forget
1)     Find Wi-Fi you do not want from list of available Wi-Fi options, then press and hold (Left)
2)     When not connected, the only option will be to connect. NOTE: You will need the facility to provide you with the Wi-Fi password for each undesirable network so that you can log on and forget.
         Forget is only an option for the currently connected Network (Right)
Step 4: Forget Network
1)     Selected Connected Network to forget (Left)
2)     Select Forgot (Center)
3)     You may also press and hold to forget network (Right)
To better ensure consistent functionality of RCM Phones, it is important to properly forget undesirable networks on the device. The Wi-Fi Scanner built into RCare Mobile can be used when diagnosing whether the phone is connecting to undesirable networks. Because this is a feature on Android itself, it cannot be done remotely and must be done in person by either the distributor or end users. Most of the time forgetting is a bad thing, but with RCM it is crucial for correct operations.