Dome Light Controller Lag

If you add a domelight to the system prior to the dome light controller network board (DLC-LCD) being on the network, you can create a major lag for all other network devices. It is very important to understand that this lag can create confusion that makes individuals “trigger happy”, which further gives the appearance that dome lights and other network devices aren’t functioning properly. Two way communication devices (Ex: RCare Mobile and D-3900 Dialers) and the other domelight controllers in particular are noticably effected. We have seen delays on properly installed DLC’s as high as 20 minutes because of multiple non-network connected DLC’s. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 DLC’s and 19 are funcioning properly, if one is bad, improperly installed, or just has no network, the whole system will be effected.


1. The communication between the cube and when it finally lights a domelight is a multiple step process. The first step is when the cube looks to see if the DLC driver is active. If it is not, you will see the “Dome Light Controller” option in System Settings as blacked out with no hyperlink.
2. The next step is when the driver is active; the cube looks to what DLC’s have been programmed into the driver. If there are no DLC’s programmed, then that is what the driver reports back in a matter of milliseconds. If there are network boards programmed, then one by one starting from the top of the list the DLC driver waits for a handshake response from that programmed network device. This process is always active and constantly looping itself as a failsafe to ensure the devices that have been programmed are communicating with the server.
3. In the event that one or more of these domelight’s, which are programmed into the cube, are not connected to the network the driver will get stuck waiting for a response. And in turn the cube will wait for the driver to report back. Eventually, it will move on to the next DLC, but not before confusion offers an opportunity to exacerbate the issue.
It is not uncommon for installers to pre-program facilities and for facilities to request live demo’s prior to everything being properly installed. Once you program a DLC into the System Settings, it can only be deleted if it is not programmed into any accounts. Therefore there are two solution around this problem. If you have not pre-configured everything and want to test the vaildity of a DLC, all non network connected DLC’s need to be deleted from the System Settings. If you have preconfigured it, you will need to find a switch to connect all programmed DLC’s. Even if you need to plug in 4-5 DLC-LCD’s and rest them on a shelf together. Bottom line, if you want to test the functionality of any dome light controller, all DLC’s programmed into the system need to be online.