8-26-16-DLC-LCDs.pdf (5 downloads )
The “new” DLC LCD Network Boards are no longer new, but there are still a significant quantity of older network boards operating in the field that we are encouraging everyone to upgrade as newer software will not find the network boards in the same method.  Software upgrades as always are free, and inevitable, and if you find yourself in a situation where you have an older DLC-Network Board with a newer software you could run into Dome Light communication problems.  This week’s tech bulletin is an overview of how the program works on the DLC-LCD network boards.
Old Nic Cards required a scanning tool that newer software doesn’t use due to the fact that the newer DLC-LCD’s that we now sell cannot be discovered in this manner.  Virtually all the programming is done manually from the actual DLC-LCD interface now instead of the server web interface
Step 1:  Check your jumpers
A) Set to 7.5V (Upper).  Must be 7.5, do not use 15V or else you
will blow the power supply or the Logic Power Supply Fuse
B) Start in DHCP (Lower) to minimize manual changes
C) Keep JP 2 default (Upper).  This allows IP changes to be made
Step 2:  Using the navigator
A) Press In to modify Network Information.  Look for cursor to
know you’re in edit mode
B) Hold navigator button in the up or down position to change
C) Press left to move navigator cursor to next section of IP

D) Press In to complete

E) Interface will ask if you want to save, Up for Yes, No for No
F) Change Netmask and Gateway accordingly as well
G) After you exit, it will still display current unchanged IP address
H) Change J1 from DHCP to Static, then Power Cycle the device
Option 2:  Web Interface
A) Power on and plug DHCP IP address into web interface
B) Change configuration
C) Username: rcare / Password:  R3sp0ns3

D) Save Changes

E) Change J1 from DHCP to Static, then Power Cycle the device
Part of the new design allows for this to be more user friend and have more control over programming of these devices.  This DLC-LCD makes troubleshooting much easier.  These steps don’t cover power, data connections, or how to program into the server as these steps are more or less identical to the previous model of DLC network board.  This board simply requires you to check your jumpers and follow the steps above to change IP information.