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Tech Bulletins have been part of a larger process that we’ve been implementing to increase overall communication and education for our distributors, installers, and end users about RCare. This week’s bulletin will discuss several other methods and procedures that are now available.
1) New Technical Support – This email can be used for specific questions related to technical support that report to members of multiple departments. Sometimes individual availability is limited and if multiple members of our team receive notifications we can provide more adequate response times.
2) E-Learning Tab Reminder – We have distributor, installers, and end user specific courses. Enrolling in the installers course gives access to these tech bulletins. Please advise your technicians and installers about the installers course so that they can obtain important technical information that may not be covered in the manual. This is the first thing all new installers and distributors should do to augment our documentation that can be found on our webpage. Encourage your end user to take these courses as well.
3) Contact Tab Feature
A) Online Contact Form – This form is available online on our main website at mostly for potential sales inquiries and should not be used for technical support inquires as our response to emails sent via the website will be delayed. Some end users have used this in the past, and it is not recommended for technical support inquiries.
B) Social Media – RCare now has a strong presence across social media. Follow along as RCare travels the country during trade show season and catch up on any webinars you may have missed. Be sure to follow our various pages and stay up to date on the latest news or just stop by for a daily laugh. Not to mention, the occasional giveaway!
4) Constant Contact – There have been a number of people who have manually unsubscribed to these emails which contain not only Technical Support Bulletins, but also invaluable information on product development, trade shows, etc. If you unsubscribed, the only way to resubscribe is for you to manually do so.
The following link will let you resubscribe to the general mailing list.
In order to ensure that the proper people are seeing the Tech Bulletins; please contact RCare directly so we can have you added to that specific list. Tech Bulletins can also be viewed by logging in to the Distributor Area of the RCare website.
Our product and support is heavily directed by customer feedback and all of these method of communication are designed to both educate distributors, installers, and end users. Feedback on these bulletins and via social media are strongly encouraged. More importantly, these tools are free and available for our distributors, installers, and end users to educate us so that we may continuously make improvement to our product and support.