CC900 Power

8-19-16-CC900-Power.pdf (6 downloads )
We have recently begun rolling out the CC900 caregiver console to replace the CC800.  For those facilities with RCare Mobile the home screen will look very similar.  The manual for the CC900 can be found on the Distributors log-in on the main webpage.  In this week’s tech bulletin, we will only be discussing the two different power options available.
Option 1:  POE+ which requires POE + injector seen below.
1) CC900 Requires POE Plus (Response Care does not provide
these) for power and Ethernet Connection
2) Solid Link light for POE Plus Connector
3) “Data In” goes to back of CC900
4) “Data Out” goes to Network Switch
5) Power Button on Lower Right hand side
6) Top LED Light off when idle, activates when call coming

Option 2:  Separate Power and Ethernet.
1) 19VDC Power Supply (Provided)
2) 6 Ft Power Supply Cable (Provided)
3) 10 ft Power Supply Cable (Not Provided);
Recommended Mouser Electronics Part# 173-21113E

4) Cat5/Cat5E/Cat6 Ethernet Cable (Not Provided)

These two options, which are fairly basic, are what installers will need to be aware of before they get on site.  Regular POE will not suffice; it needs to be a POE+ injector if this is the route you decide.  There’s not much worse than being at an install with a tight schedule only to find out you need equipment you can’t purchase easily at a local hardware store.