Caregiver Console Troubleshooting

7-15-16-Caregiver-Console-Troubleshooting.pdf (5 downloads )

There has been a recent increase in confusion and concern from installers observing the common network error for CC-800’s. All new units will display this, whether there is an issue or not. Furthermore, there is a long list of steps installers can take to correct this network error if they come properly prepared. The vast majority of RMA’s issued for these devices have passed our testing as well as third party testing. These steps will work for new installs as well as troubleshooting existing facilities.
We have always maintained a 100% test and inspect protocol for CC-800 Caregiver Consoles. So when it leaves our office, it works. We leave the console in DHCP; so unless you have a CC-800 preprogrammed, you will always get the “Error Connecting to Server” because your unit has not been set up to talk to the IP Address that your cube resides on.
There are two ways to program this error away at the time of initial installation. The manual method requires the installer to log into the device and change the cube URL in order to create a proper network link to the cube. This is done by selecting the RCare logo in the upper right hand corner and entering Username: rcare/Password: R3sp0ns3. Please take your time to ensure you have the cursor in the correct location and time your character selection after the beep to avoid console lock up; it can be an art before you establish a proper network path to the cube. Then adjust cube URL at the bottom of the settings page to match the IP address of the cube. The other way requires the installer to contact Response Care, as we can accomplish the same task remotely, but only if you do in fact have a properly network connected device. i.e You have remote support enabled and we can ping your device from the cube.
Common Network Error 1: You don’t have it routed to a DHCP Host. The Gateway, or router, will be the DHCP host that contains DHCP settings and range that is adjustable. If not automatically configured, this must be done from the facility; Response Care cannot change or even advise on router/firewall settings. If the device is not pulling a DHCP Address it will display random character in the IP Address field like the image below.
Common Network Error 2: IP Conflict. You can leave these units in DHCP, but if you put them in Static advise the Facility Network Administrator of what IP address you are placing it on to ensure it’s not in the DHCP range or currently being used.
Uncommon Network Error 1: Bad Switch/Port. If you have verified your settings are correct and we cannot access the CC-800 from our end the first thing you should do is check for a link light on the device and the POE switch port the device is plugged into. The next step would be to change the port and rescan for device. It would be prudent to test on a known good port; just because every other port on the switch works doesn’t mean the one you have the CC-800 connected to will. Also, just because your laptop works on that port doesn’t mean the CC-800 will work either, because your laptop may be pulling Ethernet, but doesn’t require power as the CC-800 does.
Uncommon Network Error 2: If you’ve verified the switch is not the cause, check the Ethernet cable for damages. Even if it doesn’t, swap it out; preferably with a known good cable.
Uncommon Network Error 3: POE issue. If all the settings have been confirmed, and we have been able to rule out any hardware and network issue as the cause, there are POE stabilizers and alternatives available that we know some of our distributors use when the POE switch is lit, but otherwise still failing to provide both Power and Ethernet to the device. 1) Inline POE Surge Protector (Requires ground), POE Injector, and POE splitter. We do not provide these items; however, we will be providing a spliced and labeled 12V power supply with all new orders in case you need to split up Power and Ethernet. If the latter two options are chosen, you will need to route the Ethernet cable into a regular non-POE port to work properly. Pictures of a 12V power supply can be seen below.
There’s a lot of troubleshooting and testing we can do on CC-800’s before we consider the unit defective (on all devices for that matter). Some work that does not require Response Care’s assistance and some that does. When proper troubleshooting steps are taken and installers come prepared with the correct equipment necessary to face potential issues that could arise, everyone will be saved a lot of time, money, and headache.