Backup Your Data

If you do not back up you configuration file and incident history you are in danger losing all of your data as well as potentially committing a HIPAA violation. A worst case scenario is not only losing all your data and not having a backup, but afterwards also having a facility discover they unknowingly committed a HIPAA violation when several periodic clicks could have prevented it.
These files protect against hard drive failures or other unexpected loss of data. While these are extremely rare, you can’t predict when it will occur. The configuration file protects you from having to relearn all the accounts and groups. The incident allows for ease of troubleshooting, but is also required by HIPAA to be saved weekly if there are ephi (Electronic Public Health Information) either in the account or the notes added any incidents. These files typically should be saved by an approved administrator at the facility. We will be able to take this file and reload it onto the replacement cube or hard drive.


Teach end users how to save this data and if there are any concerns about HIPAA compliance, you need to bring this up to a facility administrator.

Step 1: Select “Backup” option under the system settings tab
Step 2: Select “Backup Configuration” and “Backup Incidents”
Step 3. Download Backups