ALP Updates

This week’s tech bulletin will provide an overview of recent changes made to the ALP interface. Some of these changes include features that improve ALP’s reporting capabilities and make troubleshooting easier. None of these changes directly affect ALP location accuracy, but rather have added options to further customize ALP reporting and setup for each facility.
The Fingerprint record table is now on top, and has a button allowing for ALP to be temporary turned on and off. This feature allows for technicians to temporarily turn off ALP in any situation for testing or maintenance. When ALP is “Off”, the system will revert to default locating where the system reports the top 5 locators. The ALP location will report OFF to let the user know it’s OFF.
B. Edit Sound –
ALP now can report audio location information over SIP devices (Ex: radios, phones). There will be two locations ALP sound information is added.
1) First, the fingerprint table for individual Location ID’s.
2) The second, will be edits to the sound settings. Select System Settings tab and then the Sound option.
3) Select “Edit” button for “Location list intro”.
4) Enter “seen by locations;” ALP SIP will convert this text to audio and proceed will audio entered from step B.1 above.
5) Repeat same steps for “Location name not recorded”. This is required as a fail safe in case no Location audio has been entered into the Fingerprint table from step B.1 above.
C. Fingerprint Locator Assign –
This new feature requires installers and technicians to manually enter locators that will be apart of ALP fingerprinting. NOTE: Any locators not inputted will not have their signals included in locating devices. RF environment changes over time and sometimes after install non- G4 pendant transmitters can fail to trigger an alert if initial coverage was weak to begin with. This feature allows for the addition of locators after ALP has been confirmed so the entire facility doesn’t have to be relearned. It allows for the intentional exclusion of locators from ALP reporting.
1) Select System Settings Tab, then the Fingerprint Locator Assign.
2) For initial install, after all locators have been learned into the system, press “Select All” button.
3) Then press “Save” button.
4) If the user does nothing the system will automatically use all locators. ALP will use this list for locating and teaching, if there are any mistakes this will force a re-teach of ALP. This feature will NOT improve ALP accuracy if the system has been taught previously, it just makes it easier on end users who need to add locators after a teach that will not impact ALP by leaving them off or if there are locators in areas not needed that “interfere” with ALP teach and locating.
This bulletin covers additional features that have been added to ALP. This includes text to speech reporting for facilities using SIP notification devices, an adjustable ALP Locator Table, and finally the ability to turn ALP on and off with the click of a button.