Accutech Integration Update

There have been a few common questions to come up at the time of installing an Accutech Integration.  In this week’s tech bulletin, we will be discussing the hardware configuration for an Accutech Wanderguard integration.
There are two pieces of hardware you’ll need to be familiar with in order to get the Accutech communicating with the RCare Server.  First is the Digi One serial to Ethernet converter that will be used as the RS-485 Hub.  Second, is how to connect this hub to the LS2400D Accutech panel.  We will only discuss the LS2400D to 485 Hub connection, not the main panel to individual doors (LS2400T), though Response Care and Accutech both have schematics if you need them.
1) The Accutech Door Zone controllers interconnect with an RS-485 half-duplex network in a daisy chain configuration using 2 conductor shielded cable.  20 gauge wire is preferred.
2) The Digi Serial to Ethernet adapter needs to be configured with only dip switch 3 turned on (RS-485 half duplex).  These adapters are in DHCP by default, and will need to be configured with a static IP address reachable by the ‘cube and placed in RealPort mode.
3) The installer will need to fabricate a DB-9 connector with the following wiring:
DB-9 Connector from the Digi One can go into either the TB7 or TB6 of the LS2400D connections only.  Please see the below images for proper wiring configuration:
After you have connected everything with the fabricated DB9 connector to the Digi to the Accutech panel, you will need to give Response Care a call.  We will then configure a virtual serial port on the IP address that you have programmed for the Digi.  Then you’ll need to add zone ID’s into the web interface.

IMPORTANT:  We report what the Accutech equipment tells us to report.  In order to have the reset (door close) not immediately cancel an incident, you will need to do this from the Accutech side.  Then you will need to determine how it reports and how to restore it manually.  Some installations have Accutech keypads, some allow the incident to fall of the notification chain, and some allow end users to cancel it via the web interface.  If you set up nothing, it may restore instantly defeating the entire purpose of having these alarms.

The Digi Serial to Ethernet adaptor will need a fabricated DB-9 connector.  The other end of this connector will be attached to the TB6 or TB7 terminals only on the LS24000D Accutech Panel.  After these connections are made and the units are plugged in, the Digi will need to be programmed to a Static IP address.  Response Care will then program a virtual serial port to that IP address.  These steps outline how to activate an Accutech Wandergaurd system with the Response Care servers.